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Ultrasonic Keratin Treatment

 Keratin Fiber Reconstructor

The permanent care and feeding is necessary for healthy hair. The hair dryer, styling, coloring, long-term impact of the sun leads to exhaustion and moisture loss. Hair loses shine and vital strength. Is it possible to resist?

The problem solution is found!

The device is developed with triple effect ofmedical and regenerative procedures. It isSalon-Royal-Hair Ultrasonic Treatment Styler - Ultrasonic Styler with infra-red elements for hair treatment.

No styling products are necessary, no overheatis possible!

Would you like to know how does IT work?

The innovative Ultrasonic Treatment Stylertechnology is based on ultrasound and infra-red radiation synthesis. The ultrasound creates high-frequency vibrations. They turn water, proteins and other nutrients into microscopic gaseous particles which easily get into structure of hair at normal temperature. IRbeams provide penetration of keratin and amino acids into hair structure, restoring hairelasticity and ideally smooth a cuticle.Ultrasonic Treatment Styler units infra-red beams and ultrasound: temperature increasejust for few degrees and vibration increase speed of regenerative processes considerably.It means that you will receive instant RESULTwith Salon-Royal-Hair Ultrasonic Treatment Styler: healthy and strong shinyhair without styling products and overheat.

Procedures with the Salon-Royal-Hair Ultrasonic Treatment Styler are complex:

  • treatment and restoration;
  • rejuvenation;
  • loss prevention;
  • restructuring of hair fibers, hair tip restoring.