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Keratin Ion Styler

Keratin Ion Styler

(230⁰С - 10 seconds, the LCD display, titanic plates, 44 mm)

Foremost the special structure of Salon Royal Hair Keratin Fiber Reconstructor is necessary for the procedure of Straightening Keratin Restoring procedure. But its existence yet success guarantee. There is a thing without which all your efforts will be vain – the hi-tech Salon-Royal-Hair Keratin Ion Styler

Here is a description of your working day WITHOUT a Salon-Royal-Hair Keratin Ion Styler.

The work with each client will be for 10 – 15 minutes longer than it could be just because the narrow plates of your styler and too long heating time. You are nervous because the wire of your styler is constantly overwound. Each time you should apply anti-static products to pacify the electrified hair as your styler has no internal ion generator solving the problem of the static electricity. Plates of your styler often cling and pull hair out – it hasn’t ultraeasy titanic plates with ideal sliding. Procedure is difficult because your styler doesn't heat up to 230⁰С. More properly, it’s impossible to define temperature, because your styler isn't provided with the display and computer system of temperature adjustment to 235⁰С.

You’ve carried out just 5 procedures, and the working day has become longer for the hour. You are tired and certainly, want to change your styler to innovative and technological one.

Do you understand now, why the source Salon-Royal-Hair Keratin Ion Styler is necessary?

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It is developed specially for the Salon Royal Hair Keratin Fiber Reconstructor procedure (Straightening Keratin Restoring) and allows savings of master’s time for 30%. Hair Keratin Ion Styler guarantees the constant temperature throughout all procedure and ideal result. Besides, this hi-tech styler possesses brilliant characteristics:

  • heats up to 230°С in 10 seconds only;
  • digital temperature adjustment on the LCD;
  • equipped with the digital timer and automatic shutdown system;
  • innovative ceramic heaters;
  • each centimeter of the plate surface is tested two times a second;
  • the internal ion generator solves the static electricity problem;
  • wide plates (44 mm) help to save time considerably;
  • cord (2,5 m) rotate on 360 degrees;
  • it can be used for any salon procedures assuming a different temperature mode – from 30 to 230°С.

Because of the excellent quality of Salon-Royal-Hair Keratin Ion Styler manufacturer is able to provide warrantee on all device not on separate parts only. It is possible to change the failed styler for the new one during all warranty period!


Salon-Royal-Hair Keratin Ion Styler is designed for the final stage of Salon Royal Hair Keratin Fiber Reconstructor procedure (Straightening Keratin Restoration). Styler is versatile because of innovative titanic plates and ceramic heaters with smooth temperature adjustment from 30 to 230⁰С. Therefore it is also suitable for straightening and hairdressing.