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Keratin Fiber Reconstructor

Keratin Fiber

For here on out curling, damaged and weakened hair is not a problem! The innovation from Salon Royal Hair — straightening nutritious structure on the basis of a natural keratin. Hair Keratin Fiber Reconstructor straightens hair ideally and restores their structure at cellular level. It is suitable for hair of any type and yields instant result.

The unique effect of this product – Salon Royal Hair Keratin Fiber Reconstructor is achieved due to the action of natural components. Proteins strengthen hair, amino acids make them shiny, provide an additional food and smoothing, promote restoring and strengthening of dry, fragile and splitting hair. Collagen and keratin prevent fragility. Vegetative extracts of green tea, coconut and jojoba oil, kiwi and citrus feed head skin, restoring health and force of hair from inside.

Keratin Fiber Reconstructor can be used after coloring, highlight or perming. The product is developed to provide magnificent protection against natural oxidation that is especially necessary for lightened hair. Only one procedure will give the natural shine and strength, will restore structure and will make them improbably elastic and easy in styling.